Future Leaders (formerly Next Gen)

Mission: Create and develop the next generation of franchise leaders who are dedicated to supporting the brand through leadership positions on WFA, WNAP, WTAC, and other franchise councils

  • Provide content, development, and engagement opportunities to create relationships at the brand to learn about the business
  • Provide feedback to brand teams on operations, technology, product development, etc.
  • Support fellow Future Leaders in their development and growth as a business owner

Committee Members

Kelly Dunn — Chair
Email: kellybdunn@gmail.com | Phone: 551-804-6194

Christopher King — Vice-Chair
Email: christopher.king1209@gmail.com | Phone: 815-275-7317

Sergio Balsinde
Email: sergio.balsinde@gmail.com | Phone: 786-258-1625

Evan Braund
Email: ebraund@ardency.ca | Phone: 226-208-2004

Holden Capriotti
Email: holden@cottifoods.com | Phone: 949-702-0423

Andy Curran
Email: acurran63@gmail.com | Phone: 740-501-2873

Ryan O’Malley
Email: romalley@wenbg.com | Phone: 502-494-6100

Stacia Sutherland
Email: ssutherland@wendysalaska.com | Phone: 907-360-2156

Next Gen Committee Advisors

Eddie Anderson
Email: eanderson@wengap.com | Phone: 804-357-0516

Carl Hauch
Email: carl.hauch@npcinternational.com | Phone: 913-327-3180

John Hughes
Email: jhughes@wenbg.com | Phone: 270-799-5537

What is a Future Leader?

A Future Leader:

  • leads through serving
  • is able to see the broad picture beyond their own area of focus
  • has consistent and dependable integrity
  • searches out competence
  • is open to contrary opinion
  • communicates easily at all levels
  • is a spokesperson and diplomat
  • can be a tribal storyteller who helps to transmitting our culture
  • is vulnerable to the skills and talents of others
  • values diversity
  • values the why as much as the how

Who is a Future Leader?

Anyone and everyone throughout the Wendy’s franchise system may be a Future Leader. Ideally, it is someone with a desire to get engaged, a desire to learn and grow and a desire to be of service to our franchisees and the brand. We see the Future Leaders as an inclusive group, providing opportunities for development as you choose to utilize them and allows for engagement at your own comfort level.

Who are we hoping to reach?

ExternalNew to the Wendy’s brand as a franchise owner or in a leadership role (no previous relationship with Wendy’s)
InternalWorks for a franchise in a leadership capacity (has an existing relationship with Wendy’s)
Insiders: employees not related to the franchise owner interested in leading / owning a franchise in the future
Generational Owners: employees related to a franchise owner that have been transferred full or partial ownership or will be transferred full or partial ownership in the future

What is the PURPOSE of Future Leaders?

To promote the development of franchise leaders, in collaboration with the Wendy’s Franchise Association, the Wendy’s brand and our partners. Providing for:

  • Personal and organizational growth (leadership, brand, industry, and association)
  • Operational and cross-functional growth (enterprise, including innovation)

Next Gen has become the Future Leaders Committee with a purpose of…

Leading the Future Leaders community while continuing to promote relationships and engagement that foster strong franchise leaders through greater access and experience. Continuing to foster our established relationships with:

  • WFA Board and Committees
  • Wendy’s Senior Leadership
  • Brand and Vendor Partners

As we begin our journey of building the Future Leaders community, we have some objectives we aim to achieve in year one:

  • Educate the franchise system and the Wendy’s brand audiences on the purpose and goals of Future Leaders
  • Create and deploy SLACK as a communication platform
  • Survey franchisees: what are the development needs and where are there gaps in development?
  • Begin to build a library of development resources
  • Conduct a “social/networking event” (when we have the opportunity to all be together again)

Your existing Future Leaders Committee will continue to…

  • Recruit and grown the Future Leaders network
  • Work to help create/gather and vet development content for Future Leaders and the system
  • Foster established brand and partner relationships as well as creating working relationships with the WFA committees
  • Continue to provide “Outside the Box”/Green-Mode thinking that challenges/pushes the brand forward (INNOVATE)

Future Leaders Roadmap (2020 and beyond)

Educate the system and the brand

Build a network

Establish our communication network (Slack)

Gather / Build Development Content
TED Talks
Wendy’s Content
Networking events to coincide with Member Meeting and/or brand events (make up for lost time in 2020)

Continue to build and create a cadence for sharing information and content on the Slack Platform

Determine industry events that might add value
Calendar with events
Links to registration and information
Reviews from people who have attended
Ability to create groups to attend

Continue to build content
Classes (virtual)
Personalized podcasts
Book club
Continuing to build on the work of the 2 previous years

Leadership Development Conference:
Keynote Speaker
Topic Specific Breakout Sessions
Networking Opportunities