Finance Committee

Mission: Ensure that the association is managed in a financially prudent manner, develop and manage the budget, ensure board approved financial policies are followed and manage the investments of the organization

  • Develop programs to support the membership and enhance the restaurant economic model
  • Insurance Programs to enhance coverage levels and provide value to the membership
  • Develop alternatives to the CFO Forum to support and benefit all members
  • Develop a comprehensive divisional benchmarking process
  • Develop a comprehensive menu price benchmarking process
  • Work to develop non-dues revenue sources to support the overall objectives of the association

Committee Members

Jim Evans — Chair
Email: | Phone: 614-537-8282

Chris Lane — WFA Treasurer
Email:| Phone: 330-204-1023

Andrew Krumholz
Email: | Phone: 617-233-7114

Gary Rose
Email: | Phone: 616-776-2600

Steve Thompson
Email:| Phone: 740-454-2568