Operations Committee

Mission: Project-based committee that looks for ways to make it easier for our GMs to run great restaurants

  • Provide feedback on operational issues and programs that impact our restaurants
  • Focus on how to make our restaurants more efficient for our GMs
  • Protect our GMs and franchise owners

Committee Members

John Peters — Chairman
Email: peters@wendyscos.com | Phone: 402-286-3101

Brad Blankenship
Email: bblankenship@thomas5ltd.com | Phone: 614-638-6078

Glen Brandeburg
Email: glen@heritage-pg.com | Phone: 972-644-9731

Kelly Dunn
Email: kellybdunn@gmail.com | Phone: 551-804-6194

Sean Niklas
Email: sean@sareninc.com | Phone: 815-223-2032

Jason Pastore
Email: jpastore@jmj-llc.com | Phone: 408-231-4700