Board of Directors

Mike Zak, Chairman

Division: Columbus

• In Wendy’s family for 34 years; franchisee since 1995
• Operates 33 restaurants in Illinois and Indiana
• Elected to WNAP in 2013; served as president for several years.
• Believes that having an independent, collaborative and transparent association, one dedicated to being of service to members, will result in a stronger, more successful brand

Jay Sutherland, Vice Chair

Wendy’s of Alaska
Division: Denver

• Joined Wendy’s as a franchise owner in 1992
• Operates nine Wendy’s in multiple cities in Alaska
• Elected to WNAP in 2018; served two terms on FAC, including two years as president.
• Served as president of the Alaska Restaurant Association; currently a trustee and past president of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Alaska
• Is focused on improving communications between the brand and franchise owners; recognizes the need for franchisees to know what’s happening in our business and how issues and decisions impact the restaurant economic model

Chris Lane, Treasurer/Secretary

Basec Management

• Second generation franchisee, he and his wife took over the family franchise in October 2015
• Operate seven restaurants in northeast Ohio
• Is chair of the Wendy’s Technology Advisory Council and treasurer of the Cleveland DMA
• Served in the United States Army from 1999 – 2006; held leadership positions including Battalion Operations NCOIC and Drill Sergeant
• Is a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Steve Adkins

MUY! Hamburger Partners

• In the restaurant business for 33 years, joined Wendy’s in 2012 when MUY! first acquired Wendy’s restaurants
• Oversees development and operations for 318 Wendy’s
• Served on FAC and is on the Builder’s Forum subcommittee
• Served as a Law Enforcement Officer in the United Sates Air Force from 1983 to 1987
• An original member of the steering committee, it was his vision for WFA that drove the formation of the association and created a collaborative relationship with Wendy’s senior leadership team; believes a brand is at its best when franchisees are fully united, and those franchisees are engaged with leadership on the national and local levels.

Eddie Anderson

Division: Baltimore

• Second generation franchisee and operator of 21 restaurants in Virginia
• Started as a crew member in 2004, working for his dad Ed Anderson
• Founding member of the Wendy’s Next Generation subcommittee, served as president
• Has a passion for the Wendy’s brand, especially restaurant operations, and a strong desire to serve the franchise community

John Antonaccio

CKA Management

• Has been in the QSR industry for 32 years, and a Wendy’s franchise for 26 years
• CKA Management operates 67 Wendy’s in the northeast, as well as 12 Taco Bells
• Past president of Taco Bell’s franchise association, FRANMAC, where he served on the board for many years
• Formerly Taco Bell Concept Purchasing Co-op board member
• His experience and perspective guided the steering committee during the formation period, helping the committee incorporate best practices from other successful QSR franchise associations.

Kelly Dunn

Kelly Dunn

GFWW Management
Division: Boston

• Joined Wendy’s in 2003 as a crew member, and is a second-generation operator with her parents
• GFWW owns three restaurants in New York and New Jersey
• Is actively involved in the New York DMA, serving on the operations and cause committees
• Joined the Next Gen subcommittee in February 2017, currently serving as president

Carl Hauch

Carl Hauch


• Joined NPC, Wendy’s largest franchise entity, in January 2019
• Oversees operations for 391 Wendy’s in the Boston and Dallas divisions
• Brings a wealth of QSR brand management to the WFA board; including 14 years at Starbucks
• Has served on several advisory boards in the past and is looking forward to working on behalf of all Wendy’s franchisees in the system.

Pick Lindsay

Calhoun Management Corp.
Division: Atlanta

• Started in the QSR business in 1989 as a McDonald’s owner and operator in Atlanta
• Joined Wendy’s in 1997 when he bought four restaurants; he and his children operate 61 Wendy’s in Georgia and North Carolina
• Has held many leadership roles at Wendy’s; is vice president of WNAP where he has served for eight years
• Is the president of the Macon DMA, past president of the Atlanta and Chattanooga DMAs, and is a member of the CFO Forum
• Serves as a trustee of the Clemson University Foundation Board, and as vice chair of the Holy Innocents Episcopal School board of trustees.

Jason Pastore

Division: Dallas

• Joined Wendy’s in 2008 with one restaurant in Phoenix; later joined JMJ-LLC as president; he and his wife are second generation franchise owners
• Operates 13 Wendy’s in the Phoenix market
• Served on FAC representing the Denver division
• Is looking forward to serving on the WFA to assist in continuing the Wendy’s legacy to future generations

John Peters

Holland Enterprises

• Joined Wendy’s in 1983 as an assistant manager; worked his way up to SVP of North American Operations
• Instrumental in the 2013 System Optimization process; involved in ops simplification, mobile order/pay, redesigned menu boards, and the first Y lane restaurants in Dallas/Fort Worth
• Left the brand in 2014 to join Wendy’s of Colorado Springs as COO; responsible for operations of 152 Wendy’s in ten states
• Served on FAC and WNAP
• A member of Wendy’s Hall of Fame, John worked closely with Dave Thomas and considers that personal relationship a calling for him to help ensure that Dave’s legacy will live on in the brand.

Jim Evans

SMS Holdings Corp.

• Operates 81 Wendy’s, with 52 in the Denver division and 29 in Canada
• Served as president and vice president of FAC representing the Denver division; his focus was on operations simplification and making our restaurants easier to run
• Has been in the Wendy’s family for many years as president of Cedar Enterprises; when Cedar sold their restaurants, he joined WTC Ventures as president
• Brings a strong background and expertise in finance that will serve the WFA well in the future

Mike Hamra

Hamra Enterprises

• A second generation franchise owner; joined the business in 2001
• Hamra Enterprises operates 92 Wendy’s in the Boston and Dallas divisions; also operates Panera Bread and Noodles & Company restaurants spanning from the Midwest to the Northeast
• Currently the vice president of WNAP, serving on the Cause and Finance committees
• Is an attorney who practiced law in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill and the Executive Brand, specializing in telecommunications law
• Has been instrumental to helping the WFA review legal documents and serves as liaison with the association’s law firm
• Is a member of the ALSAC/St. Jude Professional Advisory Board, and the Boston Children’s Hospital Philanthropic Board of Advisors; chair of Family Enterprise USA and a director of OakStar Bank.

Raul Dominguez

Wendium of Floridap.
Division: Florida

• Joined Wendy’s as a franchisee in 1996 after a successful career with the Federal Reserve Bank
• Operates six Wendy’s in the Miami-Dade area; his daughters Georgina and Jennifer are active in the business as second generation owners
• Currently DMA president for the Miami market; he served on FAC for five years; was appointed to WNAP in 2007 and elected president in 2015
• Has received most system awards including the Founder’s Award in 2017, the Jim Near Legacy Award in 2001, and the Wendy Award for the southeast region in 2000
• Believes in Dave Thomas’ Legacy Values and is a proud supporter of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, implementing every DTFA in-store program