Board of Directors

Mike Zak, Chairman


• In Wendy’s family for 34 years; franchisee since 1995
• Operates 33 restaurants in Illinois and Indiana
• Elected to WNAP in 2013; served as president for several years.
• Believes that having an independent, collaborative and transparent association, one dedicated to being of service to members, will result in a stronger, more successful brand

Jay Sutherland, Vice Chair

Wendy’s of Alaska
Division: Denver

• Joined Wendy’s as a franchise owner in 1992
• Operates nine Wendy’s in multiple cities in Alaska
• Elected to WNAP in 2018; served two terms on FAC, including two years as president.
• Served as president of the Alaska Restaurant Association; currently a trustee and past president of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Alaska
• Is focused on improving communications between the brand and franchise owners; recognizes the need for franchisees to know what’s happening in our business and how issues and decisions impact the restaurant economic model

Chris Lane, Treasurer/Secretary

Basec Management

• Second generation franchisee, he and his wife took over the family franchise in October 2015
• Operate seven restaurants in northeast Ohio
• Is chair of the Wendy’s Technology Advisory Council and treasurer of the Cleveland DMA
• Served in the United States Army from 1999 – 2006; held leadership positions including Battalion Operations NCOIC and Drill Sergeant
• Is a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Steve Adkins

MUY! Hamburger Partners

• In the restaurant business for 33 years, joined Wendy’s in 2012 when MUY! first acquired Wendy’s restaurants
• Oversees development and operations for 318 Wendy’s
• Served on FAC and is on the Builder’s Forum subcommittee
• Served as a Law Enforcement Officer in the United Sates Air Force from 1983 to 1987
• An original member of the steering committee, it was his vision for WFA that drove the formation of the association and created a collaborative relationship with Wendy’s senior leadership team; believes a brand is at its best when franchisees are fully united, and those franchisees are engaged with leadership on the national and local levels.

Eddie Anderson

Division: Baltimore

• Second generation franchisee and operator of 21 restaurants in Virginia
• Started as a crew member in 2004, working for his dad Ed Anderson
• Founding member of the Wendy’s Next Generation subcommittee, served as president
• Has a passion for the Wendy’s brand, especially restaurant operations, and a strong desire to serve the franchise community

John Antonaccio

CKA Management

• Has been in the QSR industry for 32 years, and a Wendy’s franchise for 26 years
• CKA Management operates 67 Wendy’s in the northeast, as well as 12 Taco Bells
• Past president of Taco Bell’s franchise association, FRANMAC, where he served on the board for many years
• Formerly Taco Bell Concept Purchasing Co-op board member
• His experience and perspective guided the steering committee during the formation period, helping the committee incorporate best practices from other successful QSR franchise associations.

Raul Dominguez

Wendium of Floridap.
Division: Florida

• Joined Wendy’s as a franchisee in 1996 after a successful career with the Federal Reserve Bank
• Operates six Wendy’s in the Miami-Dade area; his children Georgina, Jennifer and Brian are active in the business as second generation owners
• Currently DMA president for the Miami market; he served on FAC for five years; was appointed to WNAP in 2007 and elected president in 2015
• Has received most system awards including the Founder’s Award in 2017, the Jim Near Legacy Award in 2001, and the Wendy Award for the southeast region in 2000
• Believes in Dave Thomas’ Legacy Values and is a proud supporter of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, implementing every DTFA in-store program

Kelly Dunn

Kelly Dunn

GFWW Management
Division: Boston

• Joined Wendy’s in 2003 as a crew member, and is a second-generation operator with her parents
• GFWW owns three restaurants in New York and New Jersey
• Is actively involved in the New York DMA, serving on the operations and cause committees
• Joined the Next Gen subcommittee in February 2017, currently serving as president

Jim Evans

SMS Holdings Corp.

• Operates 81 Wendy’s, with 52 in the Denver division and 29 in Canada
• Served as president and vice president of FAC representing the Denver division; his focus was on operations simplification and making our restaurants easier to run
• Has been in the Wendy’s family for many years as president of Cedar Enterprises; when Cedar sold their restaurants, he joined WTC Ventures as president
• Brings a strong background and expertise in finance that will serve the WFA well in the future

Mike Hamra

Hamra Enterprises

• A second generation franchise owner; joined the business in 2001
• Hamra Enterprises operates 92 Wendy’s in the Boston and Dallas divisions; also operates Panera Bread and Noodles & Company restaurants spanning from the Midwest to the Northeast
• Currently the vice president of WNAP, serving on the Cause and Finance committees
• Is an attorney who practiced law in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill and the Executive Brand, specializing in telecommunications law
• Has been instrumental to helping the WFA review legal documents and serves as liaison with the association’s law firm
• Is a member of the ALSAC/St. Jude Professional Advisory Board, and the Boston Children’s Hospital Philanthropic Board of Advisors; chair of Family Enterprise USA and a director of OakStar Bank.

Carl Hauch

Carl Hauch


• Joined NPC, Wendy’s largest franchise entity, in January 2019
• Oversees operations for 391 Wendy’s in the Boston and Dallas divisions
• Brings a wealth of QSR brand management to the WFA board; including 14 years at Starbucks
• Has served on several advisory boards in the past and is looking forward to working on behalf of all Wendy’s franchisees in the system.

Pick Lindsay

Calhoun Management Corp.
Division: Atlanta

• Started in the QSR business in 1989 as a McDonald’s owner and operator in Atlanta
• Joined Wendy’s in 1997 when he bought four restaurants; he and his children operate 61 Wendy’s in Georgia and North Carolina
• Has held many leadership roles at Wendy’s; is vice president of WNAP where he has served for eight years
• Is the president of the Macon DMA, past president of the Atlanta and Chattanooga DMAs, and is a member of the CFO Forum
• Serves as a trustee of the Clemson University Foundation Board, and as vice chair of the Holy Innocents Episcopal School board of trustees.

Sean Niklas

Saren Restaurants, Inc.
Division: Columbus

• Wendy’s family since 1991
• Second generation Franchisee operating 10 restaurants in Illinois
• Adopted himself, Sean was elected to the Board of Directors of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in 2020
• Currently serves as President of the Chicago DMA and is a former member of FAC and the Next Gen subcommittee
• Passionate about leadership development and helping people discover the best within themselves to do more than they ever thought possible

Jason Pastore

Division: Dallas

• Joined Wendy’s in 2008 with one restaurant in Phoenix; later joined JMJ-LLC as president; he and his wife are second generation franchise owners
• Operates 13 Wendy’s in the Phoenix market
• Elected to FAC representing the Denver division
• Currently serving on the Operations Committee and the Back of House Subcommittee

John Peters

Holland Enterprises

• Joined Wendy’s in 1983 as an assistant manager; worked his way up to SVP of North American Operations
• Instrumental in the 2013 System Optimization process; involved in ops simplification, mobile order/pay, redesigned menu boards, and the first Y lane restaurants in Dallas/Fort Worth
• Left the brand in 2014 to join Wendy’s of Colorado Springs as COO; responsible for operations of 152 Wendy’s in ten states
• Served on FAC and WNAP
• A member of Wendy’s Hall of Fame, John worked closely with Dave Thomas and considers that personal relationship a calling for him to help ensure that Dave’s legacy will live on in the brand.